Last weekend, while doing a bit of cleaning, I found a cassette tape. A little Sony blank with the simple title “Favorites” scratched on the front and side. With a list of unrelated titles and artists scrawled inside, along with the date, Nov. 15, 1997.

Yes, friends, an authentic 90’s radio mix tape!

So I’m listening to it right now… some of these songs I haven’t heard in years. All from the local Christian radio station that I had newly discovered at the time. All some of my favorite songs at the time, because these were the days before you just hopped on iTunes and bought the great new single you liked for $.99. And as I listen to the awkward segues, prematurely interrupted DJs and jingles, and the hissy, occasionally warbly audio, I feel like I’m 14 again.

It’s pretty sweet.

Kind of ironic that now I get to work at the very same station I used to listen to with my finger poised at the record button. Now that I’m a radio geek-in-training, I kinda wish I’d let more of the radio stuff in there.

Anyway, here’s the playlist with commentary where appropriate… if anyone’s interested and can’t read my 14-year-old self’s chicken scratches. :)

Side A:

  1. Michael W. Smith – Live the Life (ah, I well remember waiting so long for this album to come out. I still maintain that it’s one of his best.)
  2. Bryan Duncan, Crystal Lewis, and Anointed – One Voice (whatever happened to these people? Today, this song makes me want to grab somebody’s hand, sway and sing “We Are the World”)
  3. Clay Crosse – Savin’ the World (I remember the video. It was kinda weird. This mix is going to get better, I promise.)
  4. Steven Curtis Chapman – Not Home Yet
  5. Crystal Lewis – The Lion and the Lamb
  6. Tammy Trent – It’s All About You
  7. Sarah Jahn – Drinking Water (Jeff and I were talking about this one just last week! It’s still really cool. I wonder what happened to her?)
  8. Lifeform – Jesus on Your Side (Who? This is actually still pretty neat too)
  9. Rhonda Gunn – Forgiveness (And not too long ago, Tim and I were listening to her CD and reminiscing… I forgot what a lovely voice she had)
  10. dc Talk – What Have We Become (you can’t have a 90’s CCM mix without rockin’ the dcT, right?)
  11. Keaggy, King, and Dente – River of Life (That would be Phil, Wes, and Scott, the original CCM guitar heroes, I guess. Fun stuff. Too bad it cuts off early.)

Side B:

  1. The Waiting – My Pride (Jeff and I were talking about them last week too. Such a great song with great lyrics. I still <3 The Waiting)
  2. Church of Rhythm – I Believe in God (yes, something besides that “Free” song! I’d forgotten this one. I like it even more now. Oh, and it’s Max Hsu the Superchic[k] Guy’s old band, in case you didn’t know…)
  3. Carolyn Arends – Big Deal (aw, Carolyn. I haven’t heard her voice in so long… she used to be one of my favorites. Now I want to go find some more of her stuff.)
  4. Sarah Masen – Come In (I recently re-discovered the awesomeness that is Sarah Masen. I love her so much… such a sweet voice. Oh yeah, and a little bit of the next song’s intro sneaked in there… I think it’s Israel.)
  5. Cheri Keaggy – Heaven’s on My Mind
  6. Clay Crosse – Sold Out Believer
  7. Jennifer Knapp – Undo Me (I remember hating this song when it first came out, but then she won me over in the end.)
  8. God’s Property – Stomp (oi, Stomp. Probably the only one on this list that I can say I’ve heard on the radio in the past year. :P Hey, that DJ sounds familar…)
  9. Out of Eden – It’s Me
  10. The Waiting – How Do You Do That? (The “Coo-coo Song”! :D Yep, really really liked The Waiting)
  11. Big Tent Revival – What Would Jesus Do? (I’m really glad this song is here to immortalize that bracelet fad. Truly 90’s. :))
  12. Pam Thum – There’s a Future for This World
  13. Geoff Moore and the Distance – Only a Fool