A couple tweaks to the ol’ blog… namely..

Tweak #1) I finally figured out the hack to make expandable post summaries! So now, when I write a super-long rant or ramble (like the 500 word epic that was the last post), I don’t have to subject you all to the whole thing on the main page. Skim the intro, see if it’s interesting, and the whole entry is just one click of away. Awesome! I feel so l337 h4x0r now… thanks to Beta Blogger for Dummies (Hint to Blogger users: it’s a great resource. I recommend if you want to tweak or hack your blog but don’t really know how to go about it.) Unfortunately, every post has a “read on…” link at the end whether I cut it or not, but what are ya gonna do?

Tweak #2) I have a guestbook. Even spent the last half hour tweaking the colors to make it match. (HTML editing… no better way to spend a Saturday night, eh?) If you are reading this now, you should go sign it. It would make me and my blog feel very special. :)

That is all. Carry on. Off to a few overdue rounds of DDR…