Or: Shameless Music Pluggin’ Joy.
I’m in CD reviewing sorta mood. Presenting the soundtrack of my past week…

Robbie Seay Band – Give Yourself Away

Memorize this cover. Then go find a copy and have a listen. It is so good.

I don’t generally listen to a lot of the worship genre outside work, but since Relevant Magazine had the free download offer going the week before it released, and I already knew I liked the new single “Song of Hope,” there was no reason not to give RSB a try. And it’s really really good stuff.

I don’t know for sure because I don’t have liner notes, but I’m guessing these are all original songs, with the exception of a nice cover of The Choir’s “Beautiful Scandalous Night.” (And originality’s definitely a bonus for me when it comes to worship music.) But this is a wonderful, uplifting album; “Song of Hope” could probably describe just about every track. “New Day” is my new favorite song right now.

Great stuff. I’m impressed. I hear it’s only $7.99 at iTunes now, so check it out! And of course: RSB on MySpace to hear a few songs. Though sadly, “New Day” isn’t one of them. :(

Imogen Heap – Speak for Yourself

So it’s been out for a while. But I finally went ahead and bought it, after nearly wearing out the random singles I got from iTunes. She barely left my CD player for days.

Probably what impresses me most about Imogen Heap isn’t just that her music is creative and different from the norm, but that she’s a rare talent in music today. She’s a songwriter with a lovely voice and a multi-instrumentalist, and also has the producing/engineering skills that allowed her to create this album almost entirely herself. (And it sounds great too!) So while my tech-minded audio dork side can enjoy all the creative sounds Speak for Yourself has to offer, the inner artist can appreciate how they tie together with well-written, emotional lyrics to create some overall beautiful music. Personal favorites would be “Headlock,” “Have You Got it in You?,” “Clear the Area,” and the vocoder-laden, vocal only “Hide and Seek.” Also really good music I’ll probably be listening to for a while. Have a listen: MySpace


So while on the subject.. to those reading, what has been your soundtrack lately? It’s all in the name of new discoveries, so any fellow shameless music pluggin’ joy is welcome. :)