(dramatic pause here)

I will have my newly repaired car back by the end of the week! Yay!

We must go traveling this weekend. To catch up, of course. Relearn where things are. Get used to the different brakes and smaller size again. Apologize and make amends for ramming it into the back of the random SUV while thanking it for sacrificing the front end to protect me.

Important, bonding stuff.

(Yes, I know I must seem crazy/sad/delusional, talking about a stupid car like this. But trust me, I’m harmless. Really. Stop looking at me like that.)

Anyway, this marks the end of that story (unless the radiator falls out or something).

Which means I’ll need… something new to write about now. Shoot. :P

On a side note… an observation of the past week: I can tell who reads my blog just by how they ask about my car.

Non-readers: “So, when do you get your car back?”
Readers: “So, any news on Godspeed yet?”

I feel like I have a secret code. It’s awesome.