Alas, still no Godspeed. Thought it would be the end of this week, but they said to call back next Wednesday.

Shoot. Now that traffic school and the ticket was out of the way, I was hoping to have my car fixed and the whole debacle behind me tomorrow. Ah well.

When I mess up, I guess I go all out. Perhaps that makes me an over-achiever.

Speaking of traffic school… I also learned the hard way that the county courthouse is not an appropriate place to be all wannabe punk and wear your studded rock star belt. Ah yes, unloaded my stuff onto the X-ray and went skipping through the metal detector, which proceeded to flash green and honk at me.

Next minute, I’m standing in front of a police officer with my arms up, wondering why I didn’t just stay in bed. After a few passes with the wand (which emitted a nice loud beep every time it passed my waist), he asked, “Are you wearing a belt?”

“Ummm… yes. Yes, I am.”

Awesome. Never got searched by security before. All I could think of was that it was a very good thing I wasn’t flying that day.