Or: the really long, all-encompassing post of the week. (And blather is just the right word to describe it.)

1) I wonder sometimes how many great works of literature have been lost forever simply because the would-be author of said literature failed to have a notebook handy for those random epiphanous moments where the profound thoughts and perfect words dwell. Seriously.

Like yesterday… somewhere between Mt. Dora and Zellwood, with an overcast sky and Bebo Norman crooning softly in the background about not wanting to “bust up your party / With all of my pain,” I had ideas that might have made a pretty good blog post. Not the usual random fluff, but something that was (I thought) somewhat substatntial and could stand as a good article or essay with some streamlining and such. With nothing to jot them down on, I wrote the thing in my head, and I told myself I’d remember it, but that’s silly… if you don’t commit words to paper, they float away into the Land of Lost Thoughts never to be heard from again. They might pop up for a visit now and then… but they’ll never be quite the same.

It’s really sad. I might could write the next Great American Novel at all the red lights between here and there. Okay okay… maybe that’s exaggerating, but you see where I’m going with this, right?

2) FYE is really, really detrimental to my checkbook. So are bookstores, but today FYE was the problem. All those shiny orange “USED” stickers… and it doesn’t help when they have the cheerful “Buy 3 Get 4th Free” sign in prominent view.

But… they were all albums I’d heard and wanted to add to my collection anyway… just not enough to spend 15-20 bucks on. Yes, I know I can find pretty much anything for the cheap online, but you see, it’s not the same. I get no thrill out of shopping online… I enjoy making the rounds, sifting through the used bin, and nearly cheering with glee at the discovery of the elusive CD I’ve been trying to find cheaply for months. It’s a thrill-of-the-chase thing.

(And for the really curious… U2/All that You Can’t Leave Behind, Jars of Clay/Good Monsters, Coldplay/X&Y, and Copeland/Eat, Sleep, Repeat. All for less than 30 bucks. Go thrifty music lover!)

3) There are way too many big, flowery words in this post. What? Must be the lingering effects of all that caffeine I had today. :P

4) Dance Dance Revolution and a PS2 = quite possibly the most fun you can have without leaving your house

Whoa. That’s way too long. Congratulations if you survived. Thank you for reading my blather. :)