A retraction of false information published in last Sunday’s edition of Divinest Sense follows:

As my new friend Lindsay has informed me, Soular does not make those cool noises with the vintage keyboard. No, my friends, they take it even further and make cool noises with a theremin. I felt quite disappointed that I didn’t notice the theremin either.

What is a theremin? Glad you asked.


I would also like to note that it is very disconcerting to pull into your office parking lot and find police cars and officers armed with tasers. Immediately the mind wanders in all kinds of directions, none of which lead to “rabid raccoon.”

Yes, a killer rabid raccoon. Apparently, the poor little fuzzy guy was disoriented and running circles in the parking lot, only to eventually climb a tree where police and animal control couldn’t catch him. When I left today, he was still sprawled out on the branch. So sad.

All in all, another “Hmm, I should blog this” sort of day. :)