A few weeks back, I was looking at Between the Trees‘ tour schedule, and had to do a double take. June 1. A show in my hometown with There for Tomorrow and a bunch of indie bands I’d never heard of.

What? A fun indie rock show about 3 miles from my house instead of Orlando? I’m so there.

So I went on Friday night. It was fun, even though BTT had to cancel. At least There for Tomorrow was as good as I’d been told they were, and Soular, one of said bands I’d never heard of, was pretty neat to watch (the vintage keyboard made sounds I didn’t know a keyboard could make…)

But that’s not the point of this post… no, there was another very very important event that night…

I locked my keys in the trunk. :D

The moment the lid slammed, my thought progression went very quickly from “Oh, crap.” to “Idiot!” to “Hmm, I should blog this.” Fortunately… I’d already put my phone in my pocket, the show was only 3 miles from my house instead of Orlando, and I had (in retrospect, wisely) given my mom the spare key when I bought the car, so she was able to come bail me out. (“Hi, Mom. I locked my keys in the trunk.” “You what?!?!” “Um, yeah! We’ll laugh about it tomorrow?”)

So maybe it’s not that great of a story, and has happened to pretty much everyone, but I’ve never even locked keys in the car before, so there you go. Everyone has stupid moments. At least, that’s my hope and assumption.

Has anyone else ever done this or something like it? Please tell me a story and make me feel less like an idiot. :)