I’ve been suffering from a slightly imbalanced addiction to Imogen Heap the past week or so… or, perhaps more accurately, “Speeding Cars.” I’m listening to it as I type this. Visit her MySpace and meet my new favorite song. And be amazed. Or concerned that I have no musical taste. Whatever. :) I’m blaming it on a frame of mind that draws me to sad and pretty songs lately.

Oreo Blizzards are wonderful. Just saying.

I think I meant to have a point to this blog… something… oh yes! I should write a bit about Cornerstone, shouldn’t I?

Cornerstone Florida was last weekend… good times. It’s seriously one of my favorite events of the year. A somewhat brief list of highlights:

  • Red hair cement. (But that’s only a highlight depending who you ask.) Needless to say, I learned the first rule of hair dye the hard way… the color never looks the way it does in the bottle. How does dark dark brunette + bright red hair gel = weird mauvy plum color? I have no clue.
  • Got to see some more bands this year than last. Between the Trees, Anchor & Braille, and Copeland were definitely my favorites of the weekend. (all local guys, ironically enough.)
  • Had a bit of a power trip on the latter part of Saturday when I got to run around backstage taking pictures with the station camera of Haste the Day, Copeland, and MxPx. It’s hard to give the sweet camera back after shooting for while. It makes my little Kodak feel so small and sad.
  • We were playing Family Force 5‘s new single on The Rock, and a couple of guys from the band stopped by our table to tell us how awful the song was. So they hung out with us for a while and taught us the meaning of “Throw up ya guns!” Fun.
  • I can skank now. Or at least I know the theory and can produce a reasonable facsimile of skanking. Five Iron Frenzy or The Supertones can have a reunion tour any time now. :)

So that’s the abridged Cornerstone report. Next up on the calendar is the Zellwood Corn Festival on Friday, where sweet corn and music come together. Yeehaw!

^ Between the Trees. Click there for a few more Cornerstone pictures ^