And so, with a mind prepared to sign my life away (sort of) and going through all the mental motions that go with it, my Dad and I are on the way to meet the latest find… I am ready! I am excited! I am expecting to go home in a shiny semi-new car and debt!

Caught in a bad rain storm. Probably the only place in Central Florida that is getting rained upon.

You know what they say about the best laid plans… not that I’m complaining, because rain is awesome and we need it, but still…

So, we turned around, made a couple of stops to partake of Mexican food and Free Comic Book Day, and went home. The End.

Attempt #2 tomorrow. I won’t hold my breath. (Pessimistic? Nah. :))


And for random YouTube Fun, enjoy this groovy dancing girl. I admit I’m a little jealous of her mad dancing skills…. and I’ve had that Daft Punk song in my head all day too. Fun stuff.