I have less money. And debt. But at least my car is cool.

Yes! I finally did it and bought a car today… it’s a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid and it’s awesome. I can be environmentally responsible and save gas too… everyone wins!

We bonded on the way home from Sanford by playing Anberlin’s Cities nice and loud. (Because good music brings us together, human or machine :))

And then, about 20 minutes after I parked it in the yard, a bird nailed it. Birds never hit my parents’ cars in the yard. Weird. I guess it looked like a nice shiny target.

But… yeah. It was a great experience, the folks at Courtesy Honda were really nice (the guy who helped me with the financing was a Christian and an avid Z88.3 listener!) and I can say this is the first car I’ve bought myself. It’s a good feeling.

A few more pictures posted… just if you want to see (click the pic below)

Hey, it’s smiling! Ha. :)