Ever since I discovered the joy of iTunes, I’ve been hooked on making playlists. Some of them probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone but me. Others are more to get a bunch of similar sounding songs in one place. But themed mixes are my favorite.

And the classic mixtape theme: driving! I think I’ve been trying to compile a list like this for way too long, always coming up short. There are 10 songs in my mix so far, but I’d like at least another 5 or so to fill it out and make burning a CD worthwhile.

So, the big question for you: got any favorite songs for driving? Or better yet, songs about driving, or at least that make a passing reference to driving/cars/traveling? Leave a comment and let me know!

I am not opposed to obscure artists and doing a little research to get the songs, though being available on iTunes is a nice perk. I am opposed to gangsta rap and pop country, unless it is super good. :)

What I got so far…

1) Mae – Summertime
2) Anberlin – Autobahn
3) Superchic[k] – Karaoke Superstars
4) Switchfoot – Company Car
5) Jill Parr – In Your Eyes
6) Sarah Masen – Downtown
7) Mat Kearney – Nothing Left to Lose
8) Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes
9) Telepopmusik – Breathe*
10) Assemblage 23 – Drive

*(okay, I’ll confess… I cheated with “Breathe.” Lyrically, it has nothing to do with driving. But every time I hear it, I see that Mitsubishi commercial in my head and think about driving late at night. That’s my excuse.)